Defibrillator Responders


George Nympton has a public-access defibrillator, housed in an unlocked cabinet, on the outside of the village hall - which can assist in the resuscitation of someone who has had a heart attack.

The volunteers below have undergone training in the use of the Defibrillator and also CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)  and can be called upon in case of a suspected heart attack.

In the event of an emergency telephone 112 or 999 for an Ambulance first and then call the responder nearest to where you are.



Jane Bunby

01769 572489

Chris Gibb

01769 573551

Nan Maxwell

01769 579723

Clare Taylor

01769 579144

Lorraine Gravette

01769 574719

Jon/Liz Ride

01769 579923

Becky Green

01769 579383

Richard Toller

01769 550187

Carole Hurst

01769 574751

It is suggested you keep a printed copy of this list near your phone and note who is closest to you.