of the George Nympton and Queen's Nympton Parish Council

Please contact the clerk if you wish to contact a councillor.

Roger Gay (QN) Chairman

Arnold Farm George Nympton
EX36 4JD

Trevor Allen

Touchwood George Nympton
EX36 4JE

Mark Dean

Thorne Farm George Nympton
EX36 4JF

Adele Poole

East Trayne George Nympton
EX36 4JG

Trudy Herniman (QN)

Great Frenchstone Queens Nympton
EX36 4JH

Richard Toller

Little Frenchstone Queens Nympton
EX36 4LE

Jonathan Ride

George Nympton
EX36 4JE

Eric Ley

District Councillor

Drewstone Bishops Nympton
EX36 3EF